Saturday, January 2, 2010


The first card I drew from the deck is Deanna!  This is such a coincidence because I JUST saw her 3 days ago (the first time in months).  She drove all the way down from Washington to surprise me and my co workers.  She was one of my very first girls that I worked with at the Eating Disorder Clinic where I teach yoga and  do Art Therapy workshops.  I have though about her so much since she left, wondering how she was doing, if she still listened to the CDs I made her, if she was still doing yoga.  When she surprised me by her visit I started crying.  I wanted to write a letter to her to tell her how much it meant to me seeing her again.  Now I will. 


SWF_Terra said...

What a wonderful idea! Hand writing seems to be a lost art trying hard to make a comeback. I was just thinking about my elementary school pen pal from France. How I loved getting her letters.

Ash said...

Good luck with your mission!

Anonymous said...

I had to check it out because I love your idea.

It's also very cool that you work with an eating disorder clinic. As a former ED'd person, I appreciate what you do a lot.