Monday, January 11, 2010


Tom is my Father-in-Law,  my husband's dad,  my son's papa, and the only man I actually LOVE to argue with.  He loves it too I think.  We relish the opportunity! He sits and thinks of despicable things to say to me,  things that will push every possible button just to provoke and get a rise out of me.  I am not making this shit up!  He does this on purpose and tells me so!! The reason it's okay is because I know he wouldn't do it if he didn't love me.  I think he actually loves me more than he even knows he does.  That might be a bold statement, but I believe it to be true.  I think he would ignore my existence if he actually thought I should be a better wife to his son, a less lazy mother, a more beautiful thinner woman, a more productive house wife, a bit smarter, or more willing to have a gazillion babies, but I know he wouldn't trade me in for anyone else in the whole world!  And over the years he has taught me how to dish it right back at him.  I can hold my own, don't even worry about that!   One thing is for sure, HE LOVES my homemade buttermilk biscuits, AND that I am his daughter-in-law.


Jen said...

He sounds so cool! I bet you have fun writing this letter.

bcsurvivor13 said...

Can't wait to read THAT letter!!!!

Haha! I'm betting it will be an interesting read!!!
Love ya

ru.kurarin said...

ahh, life.