Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Manny and Carol

So far my letter writing project is going very well!  I realized that there are only about 15 real bombs in the deck and that most of these letters I have been dying to write!  I actually let out a little squeal of happiness and relief when I drew this card.  Manny and Carol are relative strangers to me, at least they kind of were before the Christmas break when they came up to my town to visit my sister in law and her husband (Carol's brother).  By a perfect turn of events, I found myself finishing off a plate of leftovers at family leftover night, and sitting right next to Manny.  In conversation I brought up this theory I had about Right and Left brain activity and perhaps why I may be having trouble writing my feelings down (because I use my right hand to write, controlled by my left brain which is in charge of analytical thinking, not feelings therefore my masculine analytical brain is blocking the feelings from flowing out of my right hand, bla bla bla and on and on)  That was when I unleashed my idea for this 5ifty 2 project.

Manny listened quietly then (paraphrasing his words) said, "I am not sure about your theory about the right and left brain and its inability to write your feelings down in letters.  I know you said that maybe it would be easier for you type the letters then copy them down in pen, but when you type it just allows you to type as quickly as you think, recording brain babble instead of really saying what you want to say."

I said, "Well, isn't that good, Just typing as fast as you think? Plus typing on my blog all the time gives me the experience to really get things out."

Manny " Well, what are you writing about on your blog?"

Me "Just like, about what I am wearing and what I did that day."

Manny "What?  When are you going to get to the good stuff?  What do you really want to say?"

This conversation went on for a while and he gave me some encouragement and tips for my letter writing project and told me that it would be best if I stopped the charade and just told the truth on my blog.  In my own voice.  No editing and moving sentences around and all that bullshit, just speak.  When writing letters, he said "Think of those who wrote letters with quills and ink: dip the quill, write a phrase, pause, breath, dip, continue, phrase by phrase."

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ru.kurarin said...

I think he makes much sense if I understood correctly. When we type as we speak, we unleash a flood of words which we then may or may not edit. If we do, we fit it to an idea and if we don't, well. In the past, perhaps, we used to think more about what we wished to say, and we meant each word.

This would perhaps be an appropiate time to confess that I often have windows open until I've thought my comment through or until I am in a better frame of mind.